Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Railway Walk Penybont L.E. Spet Eve 09

Dusk over the Valley

What a busy day first breakfast club with lots of hungry children to feed. Then aqua aerobics what great fun we have here. A gang of us girls from school go now on a weekly basis. I love aqua, I have been doing water aerobics for many years. Its a great way to keep fit.
Recently I have started a new health routine which is brilliant for both Aaron and I as well as the animals. Jingles our pony is also on a fitness plan to help him deal with his laminates problem.
What a busy night a kids club, were we had many children to care for ranging from 4 yrs old to 11 yrs. It can be difficult catering form children of such a wide age range but we manage fine all the children join in. The children in kids club are fantastic to work with a great bunch of kids.

After kids club before it got dark, we headed for our evening walk. Aaron decided to go on his mountain bike. I put Fred the dog and Mr Jingle on there leads of off we went. For a 2 mile walk along the old railway lines.

The views are fantastic as you walk along. The Tanant Valley is a fabulous place to live surrounded by the beautiful Welsh countryside. I took the camera along, as this time of night you can see some of the local wildlife. The were many rabbit`sand pheasant`s about. Fred was rearing to give chase so he has to be on his lead at all times.

Mr Jingles loves to roll around the floor. He is coming along fine now he is back to walking most days after recent illness. I must admit I have missed walking locally for some time but now I have a bit more time it is great to be back out there exploring the local countryside.

As we walked up the lines a huge herring flew out from the bushes and flew off into the distance. What a lovely sight it was. We could also see our home in the distance standing out with its cream stonework. Sorry to say I have plans to sell the house hopefully next year and move to a another property to give both Aaron and I a fresh start and a new life, but for now we can enjoy the beautiful surrounding of our home in Penybont.

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