Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mount Snowdon We Reached The Summit Sept 09

An end of summer day saw us going on an adventure. Parking up early in Llanberis we firstly headed to the village cafe for a warm cup of tea and a toastie sandwich.

We then headed on our adventure. With Fred on his lead and our rucksacks on we headed off out of the car park. The attendant took a shine to us making sure we had what we needed to complete our journey, he also gave Aaron some chocolate and sweets.

From the Snowdon Railway we headed off up the road for our journey into the clouds.
The track was stony and very steep in parts. We made many friends as we climbed higher and higher up towards Snowdon summit. We stopped off at the half way house for a well earned drink.

We witnessed many elements of the Weather in Wales. Some parts your couldn`t even see your hand in front of you. The cloud would break and sweep over then to reveal sunshine and spectacular views. We also had fine mist rain which got us a little wet.

It took us just over 3 hours to reach the summit along with Fred our dog. We had walked 4 miles to 3500ft. To achieve this it felt good.

Above and below Aaron at the very top. At the Summit of Mount Snowdon.

The weather was quite cold up here so we wrapped up warm. We were lucky enough to see the fine views from the top of Snowdon before the mist rolled in again to very limited vision.

We headed back down after a while to were it was a bit warmer. Here we stopped for a picnic, we had packed plenty of drink, sandwiches and crisps, not forgetting the treats the car park attendant gave to Aaron. Even Fred had his own picnic doggy biscuits and his travel bowl with a bottle of water i was carrying for him. He ate like a horse and collapsed in the heep like the rest of us.

Heading back down took us some time as by this time my knee had gone completely ever step was agony. I ended up walking backwards to take the pressure off it.
I think Aaron was pretty tied at the end as he decided to fall asleep in the middle of the lane.
We had completed an 8 mile hike up and down Mount Snowdon all in all with all the stops it took us 7 hours to complete. We reached the summit of 3500ft of Mount Snowdon what an achievement for both of us. I never took my asthma in haler once.

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