Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Daniel 23/4/1997 - 31/12/2007 - NEW YEARS EVE 2008

It is hard to believe it is 12 months since we lost our precious Daniel. At 6pm this evening it will be exactly one year since his heart stopped beating and his life slipped away. I can not put into words how we feel.
It has been a hard year, we have so many lovely memories of Daniel.
Lovely memories of the times both Aaron and I spent with Daniel, trips away to Lapland, Disney Land and Greece. Which we can treasure forever.

Also of our camping trips and days out, we have many fantastic photographs of our special little man. I am creating a photo album of Daniels life which I will publish on the net with links via his web sites and the blogs. Daniel also loved home and would sign home using Makaton sign language.

We also have bad memories of his traumatic death, hospital stays, operations and the way he was treated throughout his life by certain selfish individuals who only ever thought of themselves, they will never be forgiven ever. They have to live with themselves but people without conscience can do that easily I am told.
The bad memories hopefully will fade into the past over time and the nightmares both Aaron and I still suffer will be removed from memory.
In the Future all the lovely times both Aaron and I have spent with Daniel will remain in the for front of our minds. We both have a good future ahead of us now especially having such a fantastic man / dad in our lives, Billy was sent to us for a reason he is a very special man.

Aaron and I can both hold our heads up high, we never once let Daniel down, we were both with him to the very end and did all we could for him thought out his life.
Above is a photo of both the boys taken September 07 in Zante Greece. It is hard to believe seeing Daniel looking so happy and healthy back them that his life would end 3 months later in such a tragic way.
We miss him terribly he was a joy to be with and to have as part of our family, a wonderful son and brother a very determined little man and loving little boy who lived life to the full and hardly ever missed out on anything.
We will be lighting candles tonight for Daniel at 6pm the time he died.
I would also like to thank everyone who has sent cards, emails, texts, left messages on forums, letters and for the phone calls. I have also been stopped in Oswestry town whilst shopping.
I have also received many messages from other parents of special children like Daniel who have been affected by his death.
Messages from people who new Daniel well to people who never even met him he has touched so many people`s hearts. His memory will still live on always both Aaron and I will see to that.
It shows just how special Daniel really was.


One of the last photographs to be taken of Daniel looking so happy and healthy taken November 07

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