Monday, December 8, 2008

Neglected - Fred`s Story

Fred is our cocker spaniel. He is approx 8 yrs old. He is a picture of health now but that wasn't always the case.

This little dog I found in a sorry state. He was full of lice, he had ripped his little body apart through scratching. What was left of his fur was mattered and covered in urine.

After finding him the next morning I took him to the vets. He was appalled at his condition. He found Fred to be very anemic and under weight. Close to death. With the help of the veterinary nurses we managed to shave what was left of his mattered fur off.

He must have been in a lot of pain but never growled or tryed to bite us once.
Along with his fur came his flesh.
He was left bleeding and very bald. His little body was covered with sore. His ears were littered with bleeding holes on top and underneath. His lice and mange were treated. Fred was also micro chipped and the vet and myself took photo`s for future reference.

My mum made him a coat to keep him warm with him having no fur as it was October 2004.

Over the next few months we nursed him back to health. He was to sick at the time to have his doggy jabs but once he was well enough he was able to have them along with he rabies jabs. Fred now has a doggy passport this enable us to take him away on holiday with us when we can. As leaving him in kennels would cause him lots of distress due to his ill treatment.

The day I found him was over 4 yrs ago now. Fred life changed for good, he had the love of a family.

Fred is a fantastic dog and melts peoples hearts with his big brown eyes. People don't recognise him now from his early days as he looks so different. It amazes me how people in this world can be so cruel and let a defenceless animal get is such a state.

Fred s still weary of strange men he even cowers and growls at times. This is because he was kicked for mis- behaving. Fred also hates the sound of gunfire and loud bangs this must bring back horrific memories of being stuck in the gun kennels. Fred was meant to be a gun dog but never came up to the mark. He was dumped in a kennel and left to get into such a sorry state.

At home Fred is part of the family he hates being left behind. He gets very upset if left and barks shouts and tells us off when we return. He is always first out in the car.
Below a photo of Fred now happy and healthy.

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