Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deliverying Presents Pre Christmas Weekend

This weekend saw us setting off early heading to Liverpool to delivery presents to our family for christmas. We had planned to go to Alder Hey today but with us all having a bit of a cold we decided to recedual to a different day as taking a viral infection into ITU is never a good idea. We have rasied near £1000 for the ICU intensive care unit. Look out another time for our visit to Alder Hey.
We headed through the tunnel first to visit Billy`s gran. Aaron adores this old lady and is very excited to having a great grandma aged near 99 yrs old. She is a fabulous old lady and very good for her age. She lives in Anfield not far from Liverpool and Everton Football Grounds. We stayed with her for a while before moving on.
Next stop was Billy`s mum`s. She had made us some lunch for our arrival. We exchanged presents had a good chat for a while. Billy`s sister came to see us. Bit later on we went out to the shops picking up a Chinese for tea on way back to Billy`s mums. We had our tea then decided it was time to leave before leaving Lorraine Billy`s sister took Aaron to see the houses all done up with Christmas lights all around the village it was lovely it brought a tear to my eye as I new Our Daniel would have loved this sight house after house done up with as many lights as possible on them.
After a hug we headed back up the motorway towards home. We all had a lovely day visiting family. It is lovely to see Aaron now in a proper family environment.

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