Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping Weekend - Party Time - Sleep Overs

This weekend was a busy one for all of us. After school Friday we had a stall at the Llangedwyn School Christmas Fair. We all had a great time and did well on the stall. I was given a warm bottle of mulled wine to take home.
Saturday we were all up early. We set off including Nana for a days shopping in Wrexham. We got lots of treats and presents for each other Aaron and I picked some DVDs`s.
Early in the afternoon we headed for Christmas lunch in the cafe we all had turkey dinner followed by mince pie and a cup of tea.
By mid afternoon Nana was fairly tired being nearly 80 yrs old, so we headed home.
Soon Simon turned up dropping Josh off Aaron`s friend for an over night stay.
Sunday after breakfast Frank another of Aaron's friend turned up. The boys ended up outside having a kick about including Billy.
We all then headed to Shrewsbury Laser Quest for Adams party. This seams to be the in place for kids party's at the moment.
We also saw many bikes going on the annual toy run to Shrewsbury Hospital. This is a place we will not go near after the death of our beloved Daniel. Daniels death is in the hands of a solicitor due to lack of care he received from the hospital leading up to his death.
Back to the boys they met up with more of there friends outside Lazar Quest before entering. It was time for a Sharpe exit by Billy and I. We were getting hounded to join in but after the last time no way they were on there own shooting each other.
Billy and I headed to Matlan for a look around. It was a big store I headed to the Jewellery, Billy to the Men`s dept.
I was turning the stand when I came face to face with an old friend Vicky. She flung her arms around me and burst into tears. We talked about Daniel and other things. She new Daniel had died but had been extremely poorly at the time. She like everyone was heartbroken especially knowing that his death could have been avoidable if he has received proper treatment. We also talked about other things that had happened she wasn't surprised like many people. As leopards don't change their spots slimy was a word she used. that was the feeling she had always had in that sort of company.
Before we parted she met Billy a man with a big smile that brightens up every ones day. We promised to meet up in the new year.
It was long before headed back to Lazar Quest after buying a few bits for Christmas for Aaron. We also bought some pretty little items for the boys grave.
We had a coffee in the cafe whilst we waited for the boys to come out. They all came out very hot from all the running around. Next we headed up the road to Mc Donalds for the next part of Adams party before heading home dropping Josh off on the way. Aaron and Frank played for a while longer before being picked up by his dad. Time for bed little men.
These boys are growing up very fast Aaron is on to his 2ND girlfriend aged only 10 yrs old.

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