Thursday, January 1, 2009

Congratulations Teri & Rob Grandparents

Teri and Rob are grandparents. " Congratulations "

There son Robbie and his wife have had a baby girl. Robbie is now in his late twenties. It is strange seeing the children you watched grow up having children of there own.

Both Robbie and his sister Sherrie also in her mid twenties are now in the Army and RAF. They have both done well for themselves and have wonderful careers ahead of them.

Well Done to you both.

Its nice to see youngsters these days with good jobs and futures ahead of them having children in security and stable relationships.

There is so many young people having children these days without any thought or consideration for the child's future. That inevitable eventually end up in broken homes with absent fathers that selfishly paying nothing for there off spring. Sadly young girls these days living in fantasy worlds with fantasy thoughts often end up this way. To young to know when a relationship is right for them.

When a relationship is right there is full trust, love, no shouting, arguing or hitting out. Compatibility is the key. There is no relationship without trust. If you cant trust him instinct is always right. A man that is trust worthy you need to hang on to. I am so glad I have my wonderful Billy.

I still remember Robbie and Sherries frequent visits, as children themselves going to there home in Runcorn and them coming o visit us in Wales. Robbie and Sherrie, played with both Daniel and Aaron. We still see them all on occasions but due to work its less frequent now.

Teri and Rob are my children's god parents. Congratulations Grandparents xxxx

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