Monday, December 8, 2008

The Christmas Tree Dec 08

On Sunday we decided to pluck up the courage to put the Christmas tree up. Aaron and I went in the loft and brought it down.
It was a difficult job as the tree was torn down last new years eve after the death of our beloved Daniel. All the Christmas stuff was just thrown in the loft.

Daniel loved opening presents he was able to tear the paper off himself searching for what was underneath. Through out Daniel`s 10 years of life I only remember one Christmas he was well, most of the Christmas's he would be ill sometimes bordering going into hospital. When he had a cold Daniel would be constantly sick if he was fed or drank it was awful sometimes seeing him so ill.
Often we would have another Christmas day when he was better to make up for him being ill.

One of the most memorable Christmas`s both Aaron and I can remember with Daniel was our trip to Lapland. Catching the plane from Liverpool for the 3 hour journey to this very special place in Finland was a fantastic experience for us all. Lapland was a truly magical place. Candle lit forest`s, frozen ponds with husky rides, ski doo`s and reindeer. Winter wonderland log cabins with open fires with roasting marsh mellows given as a treat. Creamy hot chocolate to keep us warm with it being -15`0. The reindeer sledge ride to visit Santa helped by the elves. What lovely memories we have. Both Aaron and I now we did our best for him and we never let him down in any way of form. His happiness and care always came first Daniel was a very special boy. Here are some photo`s from Lapland.
Last Christmas we spent the day with Daniel hooked up to life support in critical condition it was heart breaking. In 1989 my dad died Christmas day I never thought i would spend a worst Christmas than that day back then. Daniels life sadly came to an end on new years eve surrounded by the people that loved him most his mum, brother Aaron and his Nana who adored him. Francis and Mary from Hope House Hospice were also with us and I am so glad they were.
Being through what we have last year I am determined for Aaron to have a special time this year, with Billy`s help i have bought him a very special present which I no he will love. Billy has said the best Christmas present he has ever had, he has already got Me and Aaron. Billy is romantic and charming.
Anyway back to the tree. we got lots of stuff out of loft and brought it down. Billy was busy fixing one of the printers attached to one of my desk top pc`s.
Aaron and I started to put the tree up we were doing well until we came across the things Daniel had made in previous years glittering stars and fluffy snowmen. Tears welled and Aaron burst into tears we hugged for a while. Billy came in and finished the tree off.

Bit later on both Aaron and I decorated a picture of Aaron and his precious brother Daniel, we also placed a shining star in the cup Daniel has won in the July before his death. We were so proud of him that day as he was wheeled shyly onto the staged in front of the whole school to receive his cup for child of achievement. Daniel was a very special boy.

Nearer to Christmas we are going to place some lovely flowers on the grave for both Daniel, Callum ( the oldest of my son`s ) and my dad the boys grandad. I have a friend making up a special wreath for them all. We also have a special rose tree and place at home to remember Daniel. He is still around us you can smell, hear and feel his presence at times. Lots of strange things happen in the house now so he lets us no he is about. He will be enjoying Christmas with us not being ill or sick anymore.

After Christmas were are hoping to have the grave stone returned as it needs to be wiped clean and re written with pictures of both the boys. I now have the money to do this after selling Daniel`s special needs bike. To have the stone re done it will cost NR £2000. I am hoping the stone will be back on for Callum`s birthday 16Th march.

Christmas day itself Aaron and I are going to let off balloons in memory of both the boys plus little Matthew Aaron and Daniel friend who sadly died Nov 06 age 9 yrs.

We are also going to visit Alder Hey the week before Christmas as we have raised NR £1000 for the ITU intensive care children's unit over the year since Daniel`s death

It will be a happy but also sad time over Christmas but we will get through it as best we can. I am sure we will have a happy time especially with Billy about.


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