Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Christmas Night`s Out Dec 08

Aaron had his annual night out with other siblings from Hope House Hospice. He was picked up from school and headed off to the Superbowl for ten pin bowling and tea out. he had a wonderful time. He was then dropped off home to spend the night with his Nana

Mean while Billy and I headed to Liverpool for his works Christmas party. We booked into the hotel then Billy took me out for a lovely meal. He was determined to make the evening very special. We had a 3 course meal in a restaurant surrounded by glowing candles and Christmas tinsel.
After we went back to the hotel and got ready for our night out.
We got the train into Liverpool centre and headed to a little pub for drink before heading to the party at the Cavern Club.

The Cavern is a very famous club. Liverpool is home of the Beatles

We had a great time at the club 2 bands played the first band played a range of songs including sounds of the sixties. We rock and rolled all night long.

This is one of Liverpool`s Biker Pubs. It had changed so much it was done up and set over 3 floors each with different rock themes. I remember this pub from years ago what a difference.

Next we headed back to the hotel stopping off at all night burger king for a coffee on the way.

Next day we had a fab day out Christmas shopping before heading home to a big hug from Aaron.

Thank You Billy for yet again another wonderful night and day out. Your the best x

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