Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Candle Lite Christmas Service Llangedwyn

A beautiful candle lite service was held at St Cedwyns Church Llangedwyn. The children all held candles walking through the church Tea lights set the mood for the evening.
Billy got off work early to come and watch Aaron. We settle in the church pews. In a very packed church.
As the service started the children sang and walked through the church with their candles.

Reading were read out from the bible by a few teachers, carols were sung and prayers were said. The infants were all dressed up in nativity outfits from angels to kings. Mary and Joseph carrying there baby Jesus. They did very well.
The children even chimed out silent night on their instruments. They all did very well.

Aaron voice was heard through out the church as he sang on his own and also read out a reading from the bible. He was the only child that sang and read out readings. What a talented little boy we have. A child that we are so very proud of after all he has been through. Aaron shines now he truly is a star on his own full of confidence. Our little boy will go far in life now the past is behind us. Billy beamed with delight watching his little pal. He makes a fantastic dad for Aaron and is a very proud dad to him.

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