Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Posy Ivy

In just had to share this picture I saw today in  national newspaper.
It just show how bad this leafy plant can be.
This photo was taken in a little village called Huagang in Chengdu China.
Previous to removal cops had tryed but failed to remove the sticky vine.
What is underneath this huge pile of florage you may ask.
In reality under all that ivy is a blue van. The was finally towed away after it was abandoned for over a year.
The vehicle has been dubbed the Zombie Car on twitter. It seems ti have been leaf for dead on the side of the street.
Police managed to trace the owner Wang Ping. On finding him he told the officials he had sold the van to a mystery buyer.
Well if this guy was trying to avoid a parking fine he was certainly parking up the wong tree.
Just goes to show u can hide anything under posion ivy.

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