Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fish @ New Brighton Floral Pavilion

Time to remember, a time to reminisce as we visited the place were I went to many times as a child. Sitting on the sea front the banks of the Mersey is the Floral Pavilion Theatre. We were here to see one of Simon`s favourite singers Fish. The former lead singer of Marillion.
Firstly we had lunch at the hungry horse bumping into an old face form my past Donna it was lovely to see her she did look really well. The we walked along the prom near to Fort Perch Rock before going inside the Floral Pavilion. 
Inside we met up with a few friends Sue and Phil along with a friend of theirs from Australia. After a couple of drinks it was time to go in time went ever so quick. 
The concert was really good bit comical at times but fab singing great songs. We had a really nice time. Simon went to buy a T shirt at the end so I wandered outside. 
Looking out across the Mersey to the lights of Liverpool. This was one of the things I loved to do as a child look across the river at the lights of the busy bustling city of Liverpool. The sparkle on the water, listening to the waves as they crash upon the rocks with the incoming tide. A truly wonderful evening.

Crucifix  Corner

Perfume River


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