Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Looking For Nessy :) Loch Ness

Emmm  With squinting eyes I had them all searching for this age old monster 35 Miles from one end to the other. Running from Fort Augustus to Inverness we searched and searched but Nessy was no where to be seen.
At times Aaron thought he saw the humps and a shadow in the water maybe it was Nessy or maybe not. He ran hiding under my skirt. Callum on the other hand hid in the car out of sight at the slightest ripple in the water. When taking photograph of these pair they quivered in their boots terrified a hungry Nessy would come out of the water and eat them. What a pair of tarts as usual I had to be the leader of the clan and move forward showing no mercy if the monster was to appear. I may of given him a pat on the head or two. As for my knights in shining armour who hid behind me right along the lake you would never have guessed they were army cadets, girl guides running away from a naked man would have been a better description of the two boys.
Back to Loch Ness Half way up the loch we stopped off for a break before moving on to the end near Inverness.
Loch Ness is pretty but shame to say it is not my favourite Loch on our travels we have seen many much prettier.
Although a trip to try and stop Nessy is always a must.

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