Monday, October 7, 2013

Pony Trekking

Today was the day for Trekking. It was pouring with rain typical Scottish weather just like Wales. Home from home.
My welsh cob cross was lead out of the stable, her name was Penny. I lead her into the outdoor school and got to know here a little. She was a about 15.2hh and Chestnut. I was taken to the mounting block to mount my stead. Of course true to form she side stepped away. I had to climb down the block and shove her over to try again. Eventually I clambered aboard.
Tightening the girth and shortening the stirrups I was then comfortable. It was like a duck to water my riding skills returned and I took control of the rein's and took her for a walk around the arena to get used to her.
Soon it was time to head out on our trek.
We headed out through the gates and onto the caravan park. Next stop was onto the path along side the river.
We walked, trotted and cantered along the paths. Penny was quite a flighty mare wanting to go go go. It was difficult holding her back the faster she went the more she pulled to go even faster. I had her nicely on the bit then she would start to throw her head around and side step comping at the bit to take flight into a gallop.
The ground was quite slippery as it was pouring with rain so I held her back as much as I could. She was wearing front shoes I was a bit concerned she may slip.
She was a pretty little thing. Must admit I had to take it easy as my insides could not cope with all the jigging about like they did in my younger days but I did enjoy the ride on Penny.

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