Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ben Nevis Fort William

Yhe Olde Ben Nevis was a must see when you visit the Highlands of Scotland. You can see the peaks of Nevis from Fort William.
Today we decided visit the Nevis Range at Fort William the Mountain Gondola. Here you can find the UK's only mountain gondola. You can take a trip up the mountains in the gondola which is just a stone's throw from Scotland's highest peak Ben Nevis. Today it was quite clear with fluffy clouds appearing from time to time offering a slight covering of the higher peaks.
The journey up the mountain and the mountain tops themselves offer you some of the worlds most beautiful and ancient landscapes.
The trip offers stunning views throughout which you can see.
At the end of the gondola ride there is a cafe where you can settle down for a spot of lunch. There is also a viewing platform with spectacular views all around.
Today we were lucky enough to go on a day the Great Glen Chair was open. This is a second ride on a ski lift chair two seater with just a slight metal bar you can pull up and down yourself. I must say a hair raising experience not for the faint hearted as you travel along the mountain tops high in a chair held on a rope by a thread. Every squeak rusty groan bought the film Frozen to the for front of my mind. The rest of my crazy Welsh clan finding it very hard to resist a giggle.
I must admit we have done nothing but laugh all day. In fact hysterics at times.
From the strange noises I may have made when the thing stopped half way up the peaks to the domestic Simon and I had on how to pronounce Gondola. It was quite amusing.
We had a wonderful time this trip is very much recommended a must do if you visit this part of the world.

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