Monday, October 21, 2013

War Horse On Stage @ Birmingham Hippodrome

What a fantastic theatre production. No stop action War Horse on stage defiantly lived up to its counter parts the book and the films. The story is so emotional  for the love of a horse. A young farm boy becomes best friends with a colt bought at an auction by his father. He watches the young horse grown teaching him all the things a horse needs to know.
When England goes to war his drunken father sells Joey the horse to the army. Albert the young boy who has raised the colt into a magnificent 1/2 draft 1/2 thoroughbred horse is heartbroken.
The army officer who takes Joey promises to look after him but then the officer is tragically killed leaving the horse in he hands of the German soldiers.  Meanwhile Albert runs away and joins up. Joey and his horsey companion Topthorn are sent to pull gun carts. Sadly Topthorn dies. Joey eventually during an attack of gun fire and bombs breaks free and runs and runs. He then manages to get himself tangled in the barb wire. The German and the British Troops call a truss to save the horse. They toss for who is going to take him. The British win, Joey is taken back to base to be cared for. Sadly his injuries are to severe they decide to shoot the poor war horse. Injured troops are told to move away whilst the task is completed. As the troops are told of the wonder horse who braved no man`s land but is sadly is to injured to be any good to any one. A young soldier who has been blinded by a gas attack over hears the fate of the poor horse. The soldier is Albert still suffering from massive heart ache over his poor joey he whistles. Joey as injured as he is responses. Joey and his former owner are reunited. The emotion is tense in the last act as the gun runs out of bullets to shoot poor stricken Joey. Tears fell all around the theatre. I am glad to say it all had a happy ending as Joey and Albert  heading back to the farm. Excellent well worth going to see if you get the chance.


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