Monday, October 21, 2013

Dexter Is It The End?

 Tear may fall as we say goodbye to the loveable serial killer Dexter Morgan. Yes the final season of Dexter has finally  come and gone.
We have all enjoyed watching each season throughout the years each one on its own was so really good. We waited in anticipation for each episode as it came. 
With sadness and a heavy heart we watched the final ever episode.
There has been so much talk of how it would end?
I wanted the romantic version the happy ended Deb settling down with Quin and Dexter sailing off into the sunset with Hannah and little Harrison.  Was it to be?  

The Spoiler if you have not seen the final ever episode then do not read on .......
Tears of sadness welled in our eyes as Deb pulled through the shooting only to develop a blood clot on the brain and fall into a deep coma with very little brain function left. Heartbreaking. Poor Deb poor old Dexter.

Saxon is now in custody at the Police HQ. Dexter goes in the cells to Saxon. Making out he is going to do a test on Saxon. Saxon moves in for the kill stabbing Dexter with a pen. Dexter takes revenge poking it through his jugular vein so the nasty little s**t bleeds to death. Revenge is sweet. Its self defence. 

As for Hannah with the storm moving in Hannah misses her flight she boards a bus on her way to another airport to get on a connecting flight away from the storm. On the bus the undercover Marshall catches up with her but the quick thinking vixen pretends to offer him tea instead she stabs him in the hand with a needle full of horse tranquillizer. Goodnight sweetheart. She is off the bus and makes her flight along with Harrison.  
The sad ending Deb is left in a on life support as the storm moves in. Dexter can not leave her like that so he switches the machines off and takes her on his boat. The white angel is placed over the side as hurricane Laura come in hard. Deb slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean.
The last you see of Dexter is his boat heading for the storm. He wrecks all the lives of the people in his life so does he end it all? The wreckage of the  boat is found by the coast guard next morning with not known survivors. 
Meanwhile Hannah reads on the internet that her beloved Dexter is missing presumed dead she is now alone with Harrison. The series ends with a beaded man working on a forestry plant and its Dexter. 

My View
Why of why was their not a happy ending for this loveable character. It was heartbreaking to watch. I think it would have been out of character for him to end Debs life it was something I think he would ever do. I was for one a little disappointed. I had a vision of a happy ending. I know it says this is the final ever episode but is there room for more? Dexter is still alive Hannah is out there somewhere with Dexter`s young son Harrison. 
One question I keep asking my self is this really the end of Dexter ?  Only time will tell. The door is open still for more series even if they say it is not.

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