Saturday, November 24, 2012


Recently we stayed just outside Watford near Elstree. Elstree Studio`s  is were many of the famous movie`s were made such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars.
We stayed at a local Travel Lodge which had a Toby Carvery next to it. After settling in we headed for some tea.
Poor Simon was completely out numbered by us girls we had a real good laugh. After getting our tea we settled down at the table and started to eat.
Suddenly the fire alarms all started we kept on eating as you do !!!!  Who  would want to leave a delicious dish on the table to go cold ?
Eventually we were told to leave by the waitresses. :-(
Outside the sirens of the fire brigade could be heard and it was only a few minutes before the blue flashing lights could be seen coming up the road.
We it could only happen to us !!!!!
After a while we were aloud back inside, thankfully the Toby Carvery offered us another meal which by this time we all enjoyed being so hungry. For afters we all had a lush ice cream.
After dinner we all settled down for a good nights sleep.
Up early fresh as a daisy it was off for breakfast then we took a walk up towards the Studio`s and along the row of shops. The pavements and the odd area`s had a number of memorial plaques of famous actors upon them. he pavements had golden stars upon them. It was very interesting.
As it approached dinners time we headed up to Watford, parking in the multi storey. Here we decided to wander around the shops. WOW what a shopping centre. We managed to do most of  our Christmas shopping in one foul swoop.

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