Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time with Children

Its very important to spend time with your children. Children do not stay children for long they grow up before you no it !
Memories are made whist a child is young memories can not be replaced. Memories of our children are so very precious. 
I have was committed  my children through out their younger years and have so many happy memories of the  times we spend together on day trips and on holidays. I can sit and reflect on a wealth of happy occasions spent with my children.
Its only now since my son has got older and do not need me as much I have that I have rekindled hobbies of my own. I gave my children my all when they needed me the most. Even now its still important to spend time with a child during the teenage years even though they do have a life of their own. 
Time is precious spend as much time as you can with your precious bundle of joy. In just a blink of the eye they will have grown up in no time. 

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