Sunday, November 18, 2012

Your Roots



We all no tree have very long roots that bury themselves deep and far into the ground. Tree`s are meant to stand proud and tall against many elements of the weather. Through a small summer breeze to the gales that blow during a winter storm. Through a shower in the summer to a hail or snow storm in the heights of the winter. Through the coldest of days to the warmth of the sun. They withstand anything that is thrown at them. The occasional tree doses fall and gives into the elements of what is thrown to them during their life time. Alas this is just like life. Through out our lives we have ups and down from gentle breeze to a raging storm. The  message in the wording in the above quote gives us a much needed boost to think about our lives and how to cope with an up and coming raging storm. No matter what this world throws at you even when it is the worst of the storms. Battle through dig your roots deep in the ground and never ever let anyone rip them down. This is your life you only live once make the most of it no matter what.

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