Friday, November 2, 2012

Dartmoor Zoo : WE BOUGHT A ZOO !!!!!!!!

Well this was a must see on our list since we had watched the film. 
A visit to Dartmoor Zoo. Why some of you may be thinking why?  Well Dartmoor Zoo and its owner Benjamin Mee  was the basis of a blockbuster film called   " I Bought A Zoo ".
Benjanim Mee wrote a book about how and why he bought the run down. I will not go into detail  as if you want to watch the film it will spoil it for you. But I bought a zoo is not to be missed we all really enjoyed it.
Well back to the zoo. The setting was so beautiful on the edge of Dartmoor. We walked along the trail up towards the main part of the zoo. The paddocks which had a large pond within its boundaries on the left of us housed a few animal`s including goats, large rodents and emu plus other roaming creatures.
We walked around up towards the bear enclosures, lions and the tigers. Our favourite were the tigers. These were wonderful to watch we stayed here for quite some time taking many photographs. Some of the photographs I have been asked already did we actually take them. Well yes there all Simon and my work. I have posted some on this blog but will also be publishing a blog on the coffee stop blog  just about the tigers. This blog will have many wonderful shots of these great beasts. This will be well worth a look.
As for the lions they wandered up and down the fence within arms length of us. Sadly we caught a group of children poking sticks through the bars and throwing stones at them. This was brought to our attention by the male lion roaring at them. We watched and there they were a group of nasty little brats tormenting the lions. Well I let rip and gave them a good telling off. Hollie and Aaron were shocked to see their parents at the bottom of the small hill watching them and actually letting them do it. They soon scuttled off away with all three of us growling at them. We all were disgusted at not just the children but also the parents for letting them do it. I am still mad now thinking of it. Children should be brought up to care for animals not hurt them. They feel hurt and pain just as we do.
Moving on we wandered around all the other enclosures which house many animals from a Cheetah to a country fox which was reared from a cub after its mother was killed. We also saw a few species of monkey, ponies, deer and a parrot whom loved Aaron playing music. There was a ride range of different birds form cranes to ducks to hens and peacocks. There was also a birds of prey display. The beautiful owl was the star of the show. It was a lovely day out. 
In the centre of the zoo stood the house were Benjamin Mee still lives with his two children Milo and Ella. We saw the family whilst at the zoo.
We bought a few souvenirs from the shop a key ring for Nanie to put in here collection. A collection I started when I was a little girl around 30 yrs ago.
I also bough the book Benjamin Mee has written once read I will write a book review on one of our blogs. 
Up to now I can recommend the book the film and defiantly the zoo but not forgetting a visit to the tigers is a big must few. 

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