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Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour PART 1

WOW WOW WOW    That is all I can say  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is a behind the scenes walking tour that immerses you into the world of film making. The tour features authentic sets, costumes and props from the Harry Potter series. The Studio Tour is located 20 Miles from Central London at Warner Bros.  Studios Leavesden where  the Harry Potter movies were filmed. 



To start with you enter the huge lobby  with the Studio Cafe to one side and the Studio Shop to the other. After a brief tea we were off and a good old rummage in the shop. The lobby is were you start your tour, upon the walls there are a number of huge pictures of most of the cast. As you start your tour you come across Harry`s cupboard under the stairs. Moving on you enter a room which tells you about the Harry Potter director`s. 
Next stop is a cinema introduction.

Once the the introduction was complete the screen went up and the doors to the great hall were opened. Here you could experience what it would be like to walk through these giant doors like a first year at Hogwarts. 
The great hall is fantastic. There are many of the costumes all around the hall on display that the characters have worn.  

The big room houses all the props and many of the sets. What a room this is ! Here you can report to Dumbledore`s office and see the Godric Gryffindor`s Sword and the sorting hat. You can also visit the famous house common room.
Hagrid`s hut is a fascinating little set with interesting artefacts hanging all around it. 
Molly Weasley`s kitchen has interactive knitting, washing and ironing board which you can watch moving on their own. If only I could cast a spell and the ironing or washing could do it by itself. You can but dream.   

Also in the Big Room is the potions classroom and professor Umbridge`s office. 
There is a vast amount of props to look at here too ! 
You can also see the breathtaking Magic is Might statue in the ministry of magic set.
Its also here you learn to fly on your very own broomstick. I had a great time flying down the Thames and over Hogwarts, great stuff.

Outside in The Backlot  the magic continues. There is a butter beer churn which sadly had a massive queue. 
You can also visit the most famous address in the world 4 Privet Drive were the Harry Potter Adventure truly began. 
The Hogwarts Bridge is now fully restored so you can actually walk across it. 

Also here is the bus, the car and the flying motorbike. The girl`s got to have a sit in them along with me its a great photograph opportunity. 
The house were Harry Potter was born was also on display. Another point of interest is the chess pieces from the chess set. These are huge.   

The Creature shop is amazing. Here you can see the amazing animatronics of the creature effect workshop. You can meet Buckbeak, Fawkes and Aragog. Also in this section is the wonderful little elf  Dobby. Don`t you just love him. ! 
There was so much to see in here it was just amazing the detail was spectacular. 
Just looking around there was so many creatures to see from a huge griffin to small bats, masks, wax works and of course my little gorgeous Dobby.

Next stop was Diagon Alley. Apparently Diagon Alley changed constantly throughout the film series. Since its construction walls have shifted, shop fronts have moved and the entire buildings have been carefully tweaked, leaning just slightly to create the street that is seen in the films.
Diagon Alley is amazing to walk through. With its fascinating shops selling owls. spell book and of course wands. The cobble stones under your feet add to the feeling you are really walking in the footsteps of the great wizard Harry Potter. 

The art department is where all the Harry Potter idea`s came to life. There are many drawings upon the walls. Many at different stages of their creation. White sketches line the walls, along with fully graphic paintings. Moving on you come across the 3 D models of some of the Harry Potter Creations.
Take a minute to stop and think for a minute how much work and effort has gone into the creation of each and every Harry Potter figure, creature, set and backdrop. Art is the creation of many things.

Well they said there would be a surprise at the end of the tour. Well we were not to be disappointed. Turing the corner from the model room you were confronted by this huge and wonderful 3D  model. It had so much detail. We stood, walked around then just sat and stared at the model for quite a long time. It was very magical to look at. It was a great way to end the tour leaving lasting imprints on our memories for a long time.

The last small part of our tour was then the wand shop. Thousands of wands were stored in the shop from floor to ceiling. Then it was time to go with long faces we walked back through the shop. It was pitch black outside as we set off into the darkness for our journey home. 

These are just a fraction of our photograph`s there will be a separate blog with just photographs for you to gaze at. " Harry Potter Part 2 " 
We hope you have enjoyed our tour of the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour Part 1.

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