Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Haunted Autumnal Chirk Castle

Recently we had a wonderful day out at the haunted autumnal Chirk Castle. Meeting up with my good friend and my two beautiful god children and another good friend with her lovely grand daughter, myself, Simon, Aaron and Hollie headed for a wander around Chirk Castle grounds. 
Picking up the haunted Halloween ghost hunt sheets we headed off into the woods on a ghost hunt. The three younger children wandered around the woods following the ghost hunt trail helped along by Aaron and Hollie. The clues were letters which then spelt out a word which they had to work out as the letters were jumbled.  TEKOLSNE   which worked out to spell an appropriate word SKELETON. The children has a wonderful time looking for the clues amongst the trees.
Carrying on our walk we went on a search of the wild boar and the wild ponies. Eventually we found them.  The pigs I would say are quite tame no a days and come over for a fuss and a scratch around the ears. The ponies are more or less the same, you can get up close and personal with them these days.
The views around the woods were lovely with the pretty autumn colours of reds, greens, oranges and yellows.
Heading back we wandered up to the castle were our ghost trail continued. Simon by this time had to rest so Aaron stayed with him whilst us girls took the kids into the castle to follow the ghostly trail.
We soon found the ghosts and learnt about the hauntings in the castle. The ghosts are colour coded by their clothing and witness descriptions. 
In the Long Gallery there is said to be a main dressed in brown here footsteps are heard on regular  occasions along with the clunking of chain `s. In the Library a short man dressed in grey waist coat and trousers can be seen. 
On the grand stair case a lady in black can be seen she is wearing a Victorian gown and is thought to be either the old house keeper or the governess who used to work at the castle.  In the Adams Tower on the north west side of the castle a lady in white often walks within the tower before disappearing through the thick castle walls.
In the drawing room a lady in red has often been seen. Other spooky things happen within this room objects tend to move this room is thought to be also haunted by a mischievous poltergeist. In the Saloon which is the large long room on the second floor on the east side of the castle a lady in blue is said to haunt the room. The lady in blue is thought to be the late Elizabeth who lived at the castle for a number of years during the 16th century. 
The tour was really interesting  children really enjoyed it along with us big kids. The inside of Chirk Castle is stunning recently a new wing has been developed. The new rooms were quite hands on which was nice Hollie got to play the old grand piano. In the room there was also a roaring fire place. We stayed here for a while while whilst the guide told his tales.
Today at the castle there was also a witch related theme. I felt really at home us girls all sat around the cauldron  casting a few spells. Up n the Adams Tower my god daughter found a witch along with a range of activities to work on a skeleton head lay within the embers of the fire  waiting to scare the odd child or two as they walked nearby.
All in all we had a really good afternoon out which we all enjoyed. 

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