Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remembrance Sunday - Proud Of My Boy

Remembrance Sunday again brought a tear to my eye. Today I watched my wonderful son parade with the army in memory of all the soldiers who have lost there lives in the wars all around the world.

As soon as Aaron turned 13yrs old he was adamant he wanted to join the cadets. Since joining he just loves it. The opportunities available to him are fantastic. Cadets are able to help him learn survival skills and he will also be able to do his duke of Edinburgh awards within this setting. He is a very active young man and does extremely well with all his in school and out of school activities. He is now a red belt in karate and will be entering completions soon. He is also excellent at life saving and is moving up the ladder with his swimming skills very fast ( I call him the fish, he should have been one ! )

Today made me very proud of my wonderful young man, he is a star in his own right. He has had a tough time during his years but he has his own mind and lots of determination which will take him far. Well Done from us all Mum Nana and Simon we were all very proud of you on remembrance Sunday.

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