Monday, November 7, 2011

Bonfire & Fireworks Llangedwyn

Bonfire night to us will always have a tinge of sadness surrounding it. Daniel always loved this night and would go ballistic at the bang bangs as we called them.

We spent the evening at Llangedwyn community bonfire. It is a lovely occasion we the close villages are brought together everyone brings some food and drink so the evening has a real party feeling.

The bonfire is lite and fireworks light up the night sky. As I watched the beautiful display of colours up above, my thoughts differed back to Daniel. many a bonfire night we have stood in the freezing cold with Daniel clapping and laughing with delight at the loud bangs and colourful displays of the firework !

If god gave us a wish,

It would be for You,

To spend one last day with us,

To say a proper goodbye to you.

We miss y0u more than words can say

Our love for you never dies

One day I no we`ll meet again

Then we`ll never have to say goodbyes

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