Saturday, September 3, 2011

Steam Rally Onslow Park

Bank Holiday saw us heading off to the 50Th anniversary Steam Rally at Onslow Park. Hattie and Dave our friends from Birmingham had been staying with us so they came along too.
I met Hattie and Dave many years ago at another show at Weston Park when both my children were small. Over the next few years they watched as me and my two little boys were treated appallingly till eventually I found the strength to break free. Hattie and Dave often refers back to my troubled times, since seeing me back then they have seen me go from strength to strength apart from the sad time when our beloved Daniel`s life faded away. Even them Hattie and Dave drove all the way to Liverpool to Alder hey Hospital be by my side as one of the lowest points in my life this along with the loss of Callum my other baby son. Thanks to them both for being there for me.
After losing two children both in such tragic circumstances nothing in this world could ever come close to feeling that way again.
Back to the show well it was fantastic. The beautiful steam engines stole the show without doubt gathering in the arena in all there glory.
You tube clips :--

Of course my love was for the horses, shires are such beautiful creatures. Having grown up surrounded by these animals they all hold a place in my heart. We watched them in the ring and on display ploughing the fields. We also visited the stable to pat these magnificent creature.
Also at the show we watched tractor pulling which we all enjoyed also the tractors ploughing the field many different makes of tractor many very vintage ones.
We also wandered around the many stalls picking up some bargains along the way.
Visiting the vintage cars, motorcycles and lorry`s was also extremely interesting with such a wide range to see.
The vintage fair and fair ground stalls were also of interest.
Along the way we also bumped into lots of people we new. It was good to see some old faces as well as familiar ones from the valley. We watched some of the people we new on a couple of the displays before heading off for a cuppa in one of the caravans with another friend.
This is definitely a show that is not to be missed a show to make you smile all day long.

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