Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is It Bargain Hunt ?????

Heading back from Chirk Car boot we stopped at Oswestry Showground. There was an antique and collectors fair on. Simon is a keen collector of DVD`s and film related items so he wanted a look around.
On arriving I noticed the TV crew " emmm " what was going on I wondered. !!
To my delight Bargain Hunt was there. I had a chat with Tim Wonnacott the shows host. As you can see I also took a few action shots for myself.
Simon got some bargains as he always does to add to his collection which is magnificent.
Whilst there we bumped into a few faces from past to present.
From school Lisa and Julie whom I work with and also Stuart and Freda old friends from my past. They were delighted to see me and to meet Simon. We had a good catch up as its been a long time since I last saw them. They said how well I looked and told me to call in to see them when I was passing.
All in all a good morning out ! Ps the show was film for children in need as is to be shown in November.

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