Friday, September 30, 2011

Meet The Sticks & Flipper & Kipper

Meet Aaron`s stick insects. We have had these little critters since they were tiny babies watching them grow from eggs. They are now quite huge some as much as 4" long. Sometimes they play dead.
Once they were all lying at the bottom of the tank ? I was mortified I started to clean the tank out before Aaron got home from school as I thought he would be so upset. He loves these little creatures.
As I moved the leaves one moved I thought to myself at least there is one still alive. I set the other tank up with ivy privet and a drop of water for this lone critter.
I picked him up and put him in his new home then continued the grim task of placing the others on some tissue ready for burial later in the day when Aaron came home from school.
All of a sudden legs began to move everywhere ! they were running around climbing the wall of the tank and up my arms. The little buggers had been playing dead. Thankfully all 12 of the things were all still alive. just goes to show never believe anything you see. They looked dead all dried up but they were very much alive. They must have had a good laugh at the dizzy blond cleaning there tank out ! As Aaron says.
They are now about 4 -5 mths old. They are easy to keep and fascinating to watch ! When there not playing dead. Hope you enjoy the photo`s. Also below are a couple of links for info on these critters.

The two gold fish below we have now had for many years. Flipper and Kipper the antique Goldfish.

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