Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oswestry Truck Show - We Had A Fantastic Time

Oswestry Truck Show

What a wonderful day out we had at Oswestry Truck Show. We wandered around the trucks with our dog Fred. Below we came across a familiar truck which is driven by Steve from Pentons in town. He had been frantically cleaning the truck the Friday before the show.

We watched the shows which included PodZilla from Santa Pod and Lightening the Welsh monster trucks. The crushed cars and raced each other around the showground field.
Later we met up with Rhys and Adam. The three boys had an unique opportunity to go for a ride on a monster truck.
The Red Dragon, the boys were strapped in and the monster truck went hurdling up the field before climbing over the crushed cars. They all had a whale of a time.
Pictured below

Some of the trucks had wonderful paint jobs as seen in photographs, with many familiar faces and scenes

Aaron`s favourite truck is the Renault Magna he was lucky enough to be allowed in one by a kind truck driver.

Other events in the arena were the crash rescue show. This showed how the fire service etc react when a car is crushed by a turned over lorry.

Another show was the Fire Truck Backdraft this is a wheelie truck. Backdraft is a familiar sight at York Dragway. This was once yellow. We saw this truck many years ago at York.
Another show was Jamie Squibb and the freestyle motorcross.
There were also stalls and a fairground at the show. We also met Jason Grimshaw ( Ryan Thomas from Coronation Street pictured in blog above with Aaron.
We had a wonderful day out which we both really enjoyed.
Life has changed so much for the better over the last few months we have made many new friends but also many old ones have come back into our lives from the past. I am thrilled to have been contacted by many of my old friends from the Wirral both male and female.
We have also built many bridges which I never thought was possible. Life now is fine and dandy with only two people we will always miss in our lifetime our Daniel and Callum.

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