Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lake Vyrnwy Sponsered Bike Ride & Walk

This weekend saw us heading to Lake Vrnywy for a sponsered bike ride and walk. Lots of children and some adults headed around the lake on their bicycles. They were followed by support cars that picked up the casualties along the way.
A few of us set off on foot along with our dogs. Below are some of the photo`s more will be shown on the school blog and web site. Afterward we all met up at the starting and finish point for a picnic. Georgina and I dropped the camper off half way around the lake which was approx 5 miles form the starting point. After walking the 5 miles we piled into the camper to headed back to the starting point to meet the other`s.

Above - Aaron and Kellyn. Below - Kellyn having lunch.

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