Monday, May 24, 2010

Larry The Landrover 4x4 Fun

We are so pleased to have a Landrover again. Larry is a 7 seater diesel SWB Defender Landrover . He is fantastic. He can and will go anywhere. Larry has low and high 4 wheel drive and dif lock.
We have also joined Landrover UK, Landrover Club.
We put him through his paces a few days ago. We headed up the Berwyn Mountain Range. He climbed very steep hills and went down very steep hills. We saw some spectacular views on out journey as you can see in the photo`s below.
As we headed up to the top of the mountain range, we were turning at the traffic lights a man was about to run across the road. He took one look at Larry coming around the corner and jumped back on the pavement very quickly. I have never seen anyone move so quickly. He smiled at us as we drove by as all you can see when I drive Larry is two eyes peering over the steering wheel.
Larry looks so menacing with his bull bars and big wheels as you look in your rear view mirror.
He is a welcomed member to our family. I have all I want now Larry, our lovely camper van, my motorbike and a new Vauxhall diesel 7 seater.
You only live once so go out there get what you want and do what you want. My life has changed so very much over the last few months. The past is now behind us and we are looking fwd to a filled future with no ties or anyone holding us back or keeping us down.
The Landrover moto is ONE LIFE LIVE IT and both Aaron and I intend to do that.

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