Friday, February 5, 2010

Martial Arts Keep Fit

A new fitness group started recently in our area. It is a martial arts fitness class. I joined after Christmas as part of my fitness programme. I really enjoy it and it fits in with the times I drop and pick Aaron up from scouts.
The class involves fitness training based on Marital Arts. We spa with a partner, I have been learning to box which is great fun. My partner in the class is one of the instructors Graham. Graham is a black belt in Karate, he really encourages me to strike out with cross punches, upper cuts and roll punches. He says i am a natural. I can give a good punch and I really try my best.
I have done marital arts many yrs ago but had to give it up due to injury to my leg. This class is different it is based on fitness training although you work with a partner you work towards fitness and muscle toning rather than fighting.
As well as boxing, we also learn marital arts moves, as well as running a fitness course.
Ki Ah is great fun which everyone in the class enjoys thanks guy`s.
I am still also doing water aerobics which I also enjoy. By summer I should be fit, slim and healthy.

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