Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pancake Day @@@ Errdig & The Cup And Saucer Walk

Pancake day, saw us heading to Errdig nr Wrexham with Helen and my god children Conner and Abigail. We also met many familiar faces there.
Errdig is set in the countryside surrounding Wrexham in North Wales. Today they were holding activities regarding pancake day. The children got to make pancakes, enjoy craft designing a paper pancake, play toss the pancake, throw the pancake, how fast can the chef run and finger painting creations.
We all had a fun time joining in the activities from gluing sticking to cooking.

Later on we headed for a walk around the grounds with the children. Aaron walked handing hand with Abigail she adores him. It was nice to see Aaron wearing his football shirts again. He like me has certainly turned the corner now leaving the past behind.

After our walk we headed to the cafe for a warm drink before Helen had to leave with the children.

The Cup & Saucer Walk

After Helen had left we took Fred our dog for a walk around the grounds outside. Putting our wellies on with an over excited dog can be very tricky.
There are many walks around the estate which I now have all the details of.
The walk we went on today was the Cup and Saucer walk. We took some lovely photographs along the way. Fred had great time running free. The walks at Errdig are really good a mixture of open land, sights to see, river walks, the mote, bailey and the woods.
What a lovely day out.

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