Monday, February 8, 2010

Leasowe Lighthouse - Moreton Shore

A misty day saw us visiting the place were I grew up. Only a 50 minute drive in our faithful old VW we parked up at Moreton Shore, on the Wirral.

Miles and Miles of sandy beaches lay ahead. Fred had a brilliant time running free across the sand and in the puddles formed by the the retreated tide.
I spent many of my childhood day`s galloping through the surf of my beloved ponies. The beaches here run from the Liverpool ferry terminals right up to Parkgate. Miles of walking and an excellent place for horse riding and cycling.
Living were we live in Wales on the boarders is very central, easy access to the North West, Central England and All parts of Wales.
After our walk we headed to Leasowe Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is open to the public on certain days of the year. today we were lucky enough to be able to go inside and take a look around.
The lighthouse was constructed in 1763 by the Liverpool Town Council. It is one of two lights and originally called the Upper Mockbegger Light. Together with two lights at Hoylake, it was a beacon light to mark safe passage for vessels into Hoyle Lake and the port of Liverpool.
When the lower light was destroyed in 1771 Bidston Lighthouse was constructed to take its place, and the Leasowe Lighthouse then became the lower Mockbegger Light.
On the evening of the 15th July 1908, the lamp was lit for the last time. A residential caretaker was employed by the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board until the lighthouse was sold in 1929, to the County Borough of Wallasey for £900.
The lighthouse is now safely in the hands of the Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse and is being lovingly restored to its former glory.
for more info on the lighthouse visit

The pictures above are the last light house keepers that looked after the lighthouse.

The views form the top of the lighthouse are fantastic. You can see as far as the hills in Wales, to the beaches at Formby. In the picture above you can see our faithful old VW parked up with a very mucky Fred inside.

After our visit we headed to see Aunt Murial and Nana. Aaron and I took them out for Sunday lunch at the Quay in Parkgate. On the way back we called at Daniel`s and Callum`s grave.

Dropping Aunt Murial off before leaving I went to visit my cousin Val. I played with her girls for a while Grace and Darcy before heading home. It was a pleasant day out.

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