Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Warwick Castle & The Castle Dungeon

What a wonderful day out at the interactive castle of Warwick. here we had a great time wandering through the castle grounds, battlements, wonderful towers, halls and rooms. There was so much to see and do here. Many characters walked around the castle is appropriate costume.
We watched the falconer perform his bird display. Here the birds of prey flew free across your head diving for there pretend prey.
We witnessed the smelly man imprisoned in his cage for over 30 years. In fact we had a really good chat with him.
We visited the towers high above, here the views across Warwick and the River Avon were fantastic. We wandered through the castle the displays on show, decorated rooms and the great hall were wonderful sites. We also wandered through the grounds the the huge trebuchet near the river this was fired later in the day with fire balls. We stood high on the hill across the river to watch this display.
We also visited the water wheel which is in full working order here we stopped for something to eat. Hot chocolate with pancakes.
Another good show was the weapons here two knights fought in style, showing the different weapons used during medieval times. Some of the fab pictures we took at the castle are pictured below.
Later we visited the castle dungeons read below if you dare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was an experience not to be taken lightly. It was for the faint hearted at all. Firstly Aaron was picked by a strange women who cackled and giggled and decided poor Aaron was going to be the main course in her pie. Aaron took it in his stride.
Entering the cold dark dungeons the tour started with the plague. People dressed in costume began to frighten the life out of you with there mad taunting ways. The doctor then dissected a body in front of us not for the gory. One poor man was taken from the crowd and placed in the dissecting chair. He was in his twenties but when this part of the show was over his dad was quite frantic to where he had disappeared to.
Moving on we then entered the tourture chamber. Here the mad tourcher shows us a dispaly of wicked medivial tourcher tools. From the acient tongue remover to thumb screws. She also had a willy chopper, there are some men who deserve that these days who treat women they way they do leaving them pregnant to cope alone. Men like that deserve the chop. She also had the hook to raise victims off the ground. It was a very evil wicked part of the tour to witness.
Moving on we entered the court room here a few of us were chosen to be placed int the dock. It was great fun I was tried and faced burning at the stalk for being a witch.
Aaron was looking a bit worried at this point. I was found to be converting with one of the dads on the tour, we both had a good giggle.
Moving on I was sent forward on my own poor Aaron was frantic as I was lead away. sent in to a very dark room alone Twas confronted by a tall man who grabbed me from behind scaring the life out of me. Aaron came running looking for his mum hearing my screams poor lad.
Moving on again we entered the execution chambers. Here one poor women was about to have her head chopped off. As the axe was felled the room went dark and we were sprayed with blood ????
The tour lasted a while was very interesting and great fun to be involved in.
Before leaving we went to the castle shop. Here we bought a really good book on the ghost of Warwick castle. Aaron and I are currently reading a couple of the story's every night. Ghost`s witches, history and scarey things are of keen interest to us. We are adding to our collection all the time.
Warwick castle is a really good day out for web site link click below

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