Sunday, February 7, 2010


The castle was open for a purpose today and for the next few weeks. Snowdrops litter the gardens. Mainly to the woodland walk area which is not normally open to the public on a regular basis. Below are some of the photographs taken of the pretty delicate snow like flowers that carpeted the woodland area.

Along the walk Aaron found many tree`s to climb. Every time I turned round he was climbing yet another tree. Boy` s will be boy`s. He had a great time running free climbing tree`s and generally doing things most boy`s are allowed to do. Children never learn the concept of fear or risk if kept wrapped in cotton wool all their lives.
After our walk through the woods, we headed to the cafe which has been refurbished for a hot cup of chocolate which we both enjoyed. As you can see by Aaron`s face.

After our visit, before leaving for home we headed to the new castle farm shop. Here we bought some farm made apple juice and a farm oven baked cobbed loaf of for tea. Both were delicious.

Later in the evening, we headed to the pub across the road with Aaron`s dad David who had come up to visit us, for a few games of pool. Only drinking cordial, we had a nice time. We put some songs on the duke box as we played pool.

A few local`s were in the pub we hadn't seen for some time. I got many compliments that night on how well I looked I was very chuffed. Show`s my exercise and diet plan are working well.

After all we have been through in the past as a family I am pleased we have overcome our problems and our able to have a good friendly relationship for the sake of Aaron our son.

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