Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hunting Ground Winter Walking Chirk Castle

What a wonderful sunny winters day. Part of Chirk castle grounds and rooms were open for the first time for the season. We headed out early as it was such a beautiful day, even after a frosty start.

Heading off along the tracks we stopped at the bird hide for a while to relax and watch the birds feeding on the over hanging nut nets. The odd squirrel popped up here and there. Moving on we headed through the woodland.

We soon came across a wonderful site. Wild welsh mountain ponies have been introduced to the grounds. Two of the ponies came over to take a look at us. When i later reported back to the girls in the office we had seen them she couldn't believe we had been able to touch them. They were friendly little ponies.
It is lovely to see the ponies back at the castle. I remember Chirk castle as a stud farm. I can still picture Charradick, the bay welsh cob stallion, who stood tall and proud with a huge crest to his neck.

As we walked along we took in the winter views surrounding us from the rugged views to the north, to the farm views to the south.
At one point all the sheep went really mad baa`ing and running towards the corner of the field. We firstly though something had frightened them. After a while a landrover came into view. The sheep some how had sensed the landrover was on its way. It made its way across the field with the flock of sheep running as fast as they could behind it. The sheep gave us a giggle as we watched them hundreds of them chasing the landrover which was full of food and hay for them.

We made our way through the top woodland again watching the squirrel's leaping across the tree tops. After coming through the gate we entered the field were the old roman road used to be. Below Aaron stands on the original site of the Roman Road. Moving on we walked back through the fields towards the road.

Walking back we took in the spectacular views of the surrounding country side and the castle. In the field opposite the castle is the rare site of the medieval flock of black sheep.
We are so lucky to live with such beauty on our door step.

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