Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cotswold Wildlife Park

It was a pleasant but chilly day when we visited the Cotswold Wildlife park. This has to be one of the nicest places we have visited. It is a circular park with a trail to follow. From the bird houses, to the tropical house, small animal enclosures and a fantastic park for children to explore climb and be free. Moving on from the park you then head to the farm yard animal enclosures, large rodent and paddock enclosures that house wolves, rhino, zebra, camels, ostriches and then on to the large cat area. We had a great time here.

The tropical house had a wide range of creature inside all free to roam about. A verity of colourful tropical birds were very close to look at ans study. There were also fruit bats hanging from the roof. Our favourite creature in here was the sloth pictured below just hanging around.

This was a fantastic site, we were lucky enough to see the otters being fed. Cray fish were thrown into their enclosure. They tucked into these really well each otter receiving two cray fish each. We also saw the Mere cats being fed with meal worm pictures above these photographs.

Below a set of Vultures

The park below was really good it allowed children of all ages and abilities to play. Aaron had a great time here being a boy and doing what boys do. Climbing, swinging, balancing and going down huge tubular slides. It very sad some poor children lead sheltered lives, I came across a child once that at 9 yrs old was unable to use a swing in a normal playground, he had no idea how to get it to move. Very sad as these children miss out on so much due to having such a lazy idol parent.

Moving on we entered the farm yard animal area. Here there was a wide range of farm animals. Many of them were miniatures like the donkey`s ponies and goats pictured below. Also pictured are Indian cattle, hens and pigs.

This animal is pictured above is one of the largest rodent in the world.

A pack of sleepy wolves were a wonderful sight in one enclosure. Moving on we came across the open paddocks which housed the Zebra and Rhino. We watched these for some time gaining some really good photographs.

Moving on yet again we came across the large cat encloses. Here we took some wonderful photographs of the leopard and a pride of lions one proud mail with two female lionesses. The big cats were fascinating to watch .

Before leaving we came across the camels and the reptile houses and the Lima. The Lima enclosure was open so the animals could run around free.

Both Aaron and I have a keen interest in animals of all shapes and sizes. Aaron has always wanted to work with either animals or children when he is older. He will be soon moving to high school were he can start to learn and train towards his ambition. He is an excellent fast learner and a very popular boy. I am sure he will achieve his ambitions and do well in school leaving the opportunity to g to university wide open for himself. Aaron is certainly a child to be proud of.

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