Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Snow Will It Ever STOP !!!! Slegdes & Snow Dog FRED

What a fantastic day having fun in the snow. No school again today Wednesday and Tomorrow Thursday, as we had another heavy snow fall. It did not stop all day from early this morning.

Memories of our Lapland Trip 2005 with Daniel came to mind, as we put on our winter snow gear and headed off up the field`s with Fred. The sky laden with snow it was NR knee deep in parts.

Fred and Aaron had a fantastic time. Aaron playing on his sledge with Fred towing him through the snow like snow dog.

The views around us were breath taking. It just goes to show how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. Waking up to snow covered fields, sky full of snow, a place were you can explore and run free. Climbing up the top of the hills and sledging down landing in the deep lush snow at the bottom. A soft landing when you part company with the sledge.

We spend hours out today, taking in the views, peace and relaxation of the surrounding`s we live in. No worries or cares. Wales in the best place in the world on day`s like this. Each season brings a different look from the spring lambs, to summer flowers, to the amber leaves falling from the tree`s, to the winter snowflakes falling from the sky`s onto the surrounding mountains and field`s.
There is no other place I would rather be living in the fresh air of beautiful Wales.
How very lucky we are, no wonder, we smile, and never get depressed living in such a magical fairly tale place.

As it got near dinner time we headed back for a nice bowl of warm soup with crusty bread. Yummy.

Later in the afternoon we were off out again, this time with the digi cam. The afternoon was just as much fun, as we took it in turns to sledge down the hills. We have actually video`d this on digi camcorder so when I up load to You Tube I will put on some links.

Up and down the hills we went. I got to the top and set off on the sledge. To Aaron`s joy I hit one of his ramp`s. The sledge shot in the air and carried on down the hill. I was still on it although I did hurt my back Och.
Aaron carried on he had great fun as did snow dog Fred.

The snow was that deep poor Fred was having trouble walking, Aaron and I laughed so much. He ended up with big snow baubles attached to his fur. It was so funny.
As for poor Jingles he has hardly left the comfort of his stable for days. He sinks in the snow and slips on the ice. He does not like it one bit poor lad. He has his comfort`s though. Lots of lush hay, happy hoof and hard feed to keep him warm in his stable.
Coming inside we settled down to a warm meal of sauage, mash. peas and gravy.
What a fantasic day.

Hope you like the photographs thanks for all the comment`s on face book.
Wales what a place to live FANTASTIC . We love Wales No place like our home.

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