Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shagger Drag Queen Night Out

Saturday night saw Helen and I meeting up with the girls from school at the Green Inn Llangedwyn. Shagger the drag queen was performing. This act is highly recommended by lots of people around Mid and North Wales.
We managed to find some seats. Sitting huddled in the corner. The pub was getting quite full with many familiar faces some of which I haven't seen for a long time. Lots of people came over to say Hello some giving me a hug. Everyone Knows how much of a bad time I have had for many many years. Nights like this I realise how lucky I am to live in an area were there are so many caring people.
Well the show started a 6ft 4" plus Drag Queen appeared. Dressed in lycra trousers with added extra`s, a tight fitting leather PVC dress, a huge head of wigged hair and foot tall high heeled wedge knee length lace up boots. Make up and false eye lashes to die for.
My God I have never seen anything like it. He was frightening.
He layed into anyone that moved most of it I cant put on here, but we were in hysterics all night. He was also doing Karaoke with anyone who was brave enough to have a go. He got Clive and Mostyn up along with Gaz and his brother. He made a real show of them all.
Helen and I were to petrified to move. At one point we ran to the loo whilst he wasn't looking sneaking back out on maneuvers to get back to our seats. Whilst he was occupied with the karaoke I decided to be brave enough the go to the bar for our drinks. Coke on Ice.
Then I heard the clip clop of the high heeled boots turning round Shaggerada was towering above me. He said Hello. The look of terror on my face said it all as he gave me a wink and strutted off back to the main area.
At one point he picked on Mechanic John who ended up hiding behind me, he also had a go at poor Lugi who had just turned 18. He had a go at Sarah who ran into the ladies toilet unfortunately he started on her sister insisting she was a drag queen trying to take her wig off, she took it in her stride thankfully.
The show was brilliant he was amazing but terrifying the look at. Time went so very quickly we left near 1am with the show still going on. We are defiantly going to see him again someday.
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