Friday, January 15, 2010

Surprise For Boys & Journalism Article`s

Surprise Surprise
This week my Friend Jacqui & I are planning a surprise outing for our children. It is all Top Secret all will be revealed after the forth coming weekend.
Jacqui, has been a really good friend over the last few months offering lots of support. She is just one of the many friend`s & family whom have been there for me.
Like many of you know I found myself having a baby last September.
Jacqui was a rock to me at the time. Sadly the baby died. I lost him near the end of October when his little heart stopped beating at 13 weeks.
It wasn't a surprise as Aaron & myself had been treated appallingly by certain people and was put under a vast amount of stress. My friends and the doctors feel all the stress contributed to the baby dieing.
Whilst pregnant no women should have to endure what I did. The way you feel and how you are treated effects you which in turn effects the baby inside you. These effects can have disastrous consequence's, like what happened to me.
I am writing a article about this experience as part of my Journalism course which I have re started. I am up to module 5 so I am preparing articles to sell to familiar magazines.
I would like to hear from other women who have experience`s of this nature. I can also be contacted via facebook using the email below.
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