Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Fun

Powys - A Wonderful Winter Wonderland
Playing on the Nintendo Wi the night before we all watched as the snow began to fall. Outside we had snowball fights at 10 pm coming in for a hot chocolate drinks to warm us all up. The snow didn't stop.
The road outside quickly became impassable as the snow and the drifting continued well into the night.
It was early morning when we adventured outside. In some place`s the snow was
1 and 1/2 foot deep.
Soon the snow plough`s started work along with the farmers whom had the plough`s attached to their tractors. People in Powys Mid Wales sure no how to handle deep snow and pull together to help each other.
Schools through out the county were shut and children had a second day at least of Snow Fun.
After breakfast of bacon and fried eggs we ventured off for a walk around the village, taking Fred the dog along too.
Below are some of the photograph`s taken around our village. Wales surly is a wonderful place to live whatever the weather with fantastic views both in summer and winter.

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