Monday, January 11, 2010

More Snow Chaos In Penybont LE

After heavy snow fall over night it was yet another day of chaos in Penybont. Both the Shropshire and the Powys gritters had been down to clear the road.
Bang ! We all jumped with fright a car had lost control in the snow and ran straight into the Toll House this was early this morning.
Luckily the man driving was OK, his Peugeot car was a right off. The car hit the side wall taking the fence with it luckily the fence saved the Toll House from further damage.
Police had the road blocked off as the car was dragged out into the road by a huge recovery vehicle
The bricks in the Toll House are very thick so the car defiantly came off worse. The car was smashed to the front and the side. Things could have been a lot worse.
No school again today, all the kids are having a great time with the extended holiday.
Later on we managed to get out and head to the swimming pool for Aaron`s lesson in life saving. We met up with a few friends along the way. After swimming we called in to see my beautiful god children, where I got lots of hugs and kisses.
Another freaky day due to freaky weather. School is set to re open tomorrow cant wait but for how long we don't no as another weather front full of snow is due to move in to the area late tomorrow afternoon.

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