Sunday, January 31, 2010

Delamere Forest Cheshire

Battling the element`s of a snow storm, we headed to the Wirral. After visiting the grave to put Nana`s 80Th Birthday Roses on for the boys, we headed to Aunt Murial`s to drop Nana off. After a quick cuppa Aaron and I headed to Delamere Forest in Cheshire.
It has been many years since I visited the forest. I soon found my way as the memories of the many years I lived in Cheshire came flooding back.
We parked up in one of the main car parks. A light dusting of snow covered the ground. Fred was having a freak out yapping away. He ran wild and free as we walked along the paths following the yellow route.
We walked to some time before heading down to one of the lower paths to walk back to the car. The sky was getting dark looking as though bad weather was approaching.
Whistling Fred to keep him close, he never wanders to far when we are away from the house. This day though was an exception. Whistling he never came back, 20 minutes went by nothing he had vanished I stayed in the same area i last saw him. Aaron wandered further up the path, shouting for Fred. Next I heard Aaron telling his naughty pet off.
As he got closer to me he knew he was in big trouble. He got a good telling off. God knows what anyone must have thought who was walking by as I told our naughty pet cocker spaniel off.
We were still deep in the forest when the Sky's opened with a very heavy snow storm. We walked back with Fred not leaving our sides all the way, I think he panicked himself a bit at getting himself lost. Heading home again we battled the elements of the weather. Hot coco was called for to warm us up once we got home. Below are our photogrpahs.
to learn more about the forest visit link below.

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