Friday, January 15, 2010

Melt Down !!! Snow Covered Penybont L.E. In Powys Beautiful Wales

Before the melt down, the forecast thaw, Aaron, Fred our dog and I took a walk up to Pentra Bach Penybont L.E. Here the views across the valley are fantastic.

Walking through the field`s as the country lanes were far to dangerous to walk on let alone drive, we met up with Nick. Nick was trying to clear his lane, but decided it was still to dangerous to get his car out due to ice. We have known Nick for many years, he always has the time for a laugh and a joke. That was still the case today as he set to having a snowball fight with Aaron. Not sure which one won they were both as bad as each other.
When Nick was warn out, Aaron and I continued our journey up the hill`s.

The views were breath taking. Sometimes I have to pinch myself I cant believe I am so lucky to own a house surrounded with such beauty. Walking is so relaxing, especially in the snow, the area becomes so magical and fairytale like. The photo above has to be one of my favourites of Aaron. He is such a good looking boy who turns heads everywhere he goes. He is my little star, at only 11 yrs old he protects and looks after his mum so very well. He is such a happy, pleasant well mannered boy I am so proud of him. After all he has been through and after being let down badly by people he has risen above it all to become an outstanding child in all areas. I am sure he will grow into a very strong determined man.

Moving on the views across the valley were amazing as you can see from the photographs on this blog. Seeing is believing.

Walking across the field's, glens, over the hills and down the lanes. We finished our walk back home. Later in the afternoon we decided to go sledging again. Below is a fantastic photo taken on the hill behind out house of the Gryn Llanslin.

I took the photo before I did my dare devil ride on the sledge down the big hill towards the river. Riding in tandem on the sledge we set off from the top. Reaching very fast speed we took off down the hill. It was an experience not to be missed it shot down the hill at about 50 miles an hour. I managed to get my thumb stuck cracking a bone in it, didn't feel it at first till it swelled up 3 times its size, with a mass of bruising and had to go get it fixed. It was the second injury in two day on the sledge think I should give up.
It was so funny we were covered in snow from head to foot. Looking like Jack Frost. I even had icicle's in my hair.

Fred had a great time. The sheep were in the next field. I let him off his lead so he could run wild and free. Again he ended up with snow ball`s attached to his feet, so he couldn't run off.

The snow has given us a great deal of fun over the last couple of weeks. I may have broken my thumb but wouldn't change the fun we have had for anything.

Watch out on this blogs there are so many up and coming adventure`s coming up.

My motto is live life to the full. Life is far to short. Don`t dwell on the past or people who are certainly not worth it. The loss is there`s and there`s alone.

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