Sunday, January 10, 2010

Water Water Every Where

What fun we have had today. Water water every where. Waking up to burst pipes is not much fun first thing on a Sunday morning. After years of experience you would think I would be used to receiving a Free cold shower trying to turn the stop tap off.
Well managed to get to it but would it turn, NO it would not.
Thanks to a gallant knight in shinning armour the tap was eventually turned off, with a bit of persuasion from a hammer and a ring spanner, but not before we all had a good soaking with water reaching great heights straight through the car port roof.
It was quite funny the effect of the water shooting up turned the whole of the car port into a waterfall.
Sorting that problem out then going down the cellar, another problem a flood. Wellies on buckets at the ready Aaron and I waded through the water.
Quick thinking went to get the pump which I haven't had to use down there for many years. The water was coming in slow so it wasn't a job for the fire brigade this time.
I still remember them coming out to it and pumping the water out a few years ago. The big burly good looking firemen were down the cellar laughing and joking. We had a plastic real looking rat at the time. One of us threw it down when they were not looking. Well those burly good looking firemen turned heel and ran leaving us all in stitches.
Anyway back to my small problem of raising water now up to the first step with poor little Aaron filling his bucket and emptying it a breath taking speed. Attaching up the hose & pump nothing happened taking the hose off to find out why ? whoosh water shooting up to the stairs well least we now no the pump is working. Quick thinking again needed frozen hose eventually it thawed out and the water flowed out like a dream. Up to now we are safe no more surprises in store thankfully, although pump and hose are still on standby in case of another thaw.
One thing everywhere today had a really good wash. Inside and out !!!!!
There is never a dull moment in this house, at least we can have a laugh and a joke.

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