Sunday, January 17, 2010

Auto Sport F1 Show & Pistonhead Show NEC Birmingham

Our surprise weekend.
My friend Jacqui and I took to the boys on a mystery trip. Heading up the motorway we headed to the NEC Birmingham.
This weekend was the Auto Sport Formula 1 and Pistonhead show.

The show was full of sports cars from Formula 1 to performance cars to classic to dragsters.

One of the highlight`s of the show was the appearance of the F1 drivers. Pictured above is Jenson Button the F1 Champion 2009.
To learn more about Jenson visit

Above is the Liverpool Football Club Racing Car.

Above are the FiveFWD - Fifth Gear Presenters Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson. To learn more about fifth gear visit
The above presenter`s also took part in the the live show, we saw later in the day. Vicki is a very good driver, she beat Tiff on both occasions. Wheel spinning, power sliding and in the race around the track.

There were many cars on show. Above is the original mini car from the series Mr Bean. Also there were many different character`s on the stand`s above Nathan and Aaron are pictured with Darth Vadour and one of his troopers.
There were also many female models on the stands Aaron`s eye were on storks looking at these scantily clad girls.

The boys also had a go on the bumper cars. They had a great time Aaron chased a couple of big lads around, they tryed to get him back but could never get him he always managed to get behind them again to nudge them on. They were really good sports. The boys had a wonderful day together Aaron wandered around with his little friend without a problem.
It is so nice to be able to go out with children that our not jealous and spiteful towards each other. It not a nice day out when one child brings on the sulks and water works, crocodile tears all the time to gain attention from his peers. Jealous children our very dangerous children, situation`s are made worse when you have childish adults that haven't grown up who choose to get involved in children`s squobbles also. Its very sad how some children are brought up.

Also at the show was a display from Santa Pod Raceway. I really enjoyed this part. The podzilla monster truck was there along with a display of hot rods, drag cars and jet bikes.
I remember going to York drag way in 1990. We were on a Yamaha FZ 750 and camped next to a duck pond. I still have the photo`s today with the old cars, monster trucks and the V8 Robin when it was blue. That was nearly 20 yrs ago.
There are many events coming up at Santa Pod over the coming year. We are hoping to get a gang of us together to go to one of the special events.

Later on in the day we made are way to the live arena here we watched the car show. It was really good with fast cars, flashing lights, stunt displays and racers. The pictures below are from the live arena.
After the show we made out way to subway to have some tea before our journey home. It had been a fabulous day out.
We have kept away from the car show`s for a while as Daniel really enjoyed them but its nice to be able to go to them again without getting upset. Daniel would want us to enjoy are live`s and I am sure he is with us everywhere we go you can feel him very close by.

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