Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ellesmere Shropshire Winter Walk - The Frozen Lake & Hot Chocolate Winter Warmer

What a fabulous walk went went on. We walked as far as we could around the frozen lake at Ellesmere.
Aaron did some experiment`s along the way learning the reasons it was so dangerous not to walk on a like when it is frozen. Poor Fred was not amused as he had to stay on his lead all the way for two reason`s. One was the amount of birds about, two was neither Aaron or I fancied a freezing cold swim if he fell through the ice and we were forced to rescue him.
It was a beautiful winter`s morning as you can see from the photographs below. We had a wonderful time. We finished the walk at the Boat House, were we sat down with Nana for a lovely cup of hot chocolate.
Below are some of the fabulous photograph`s we took.

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