Sunday, March 22, 2009

Glorious Weekend March 09

We had a lovely weekend. On Saturday we headed to town shopping. Heading back home with a car full. In the evening we snuggled up in front of the TV with crisps, pop, chocolate and a lovely bottle of wine.

Sunday up early we headed to car boots. We picked up some lovely things before heading for breakfast at Mcdonalds. We have breakfast on occasions but not as much as we used to as we eat more healthily these days, Aaron`s health is very important to me he loves to eat fruit, veg and nuts these days which are far more healthy for him especially as he has such an active life style.

Sunday afternoon Aaron`s girlfriend Amy came over for dinner. I made a lovely chicken roast with lots of veg for them both. They had a nice time going for a walk before sitting at the table for dinner. Amy and Aaron have been an item since November 2008. She is a lovely girl and very pretty. They are very fond of each other and hate being apart.
Yet again a lovely weekend in such good company.

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