Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Avon Campaign

Avon Campaign`s Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence

March 2009

Avon have launch a new campaign supporting Domestic violence, along with supporting breast cancer. Both these subjects are close to my heart.

The company for women are committed to supporting both these campaign`s. Research showed that breast cancer and domestic violence are the causes that matter most to women and that half of the UK Avon representatives are personally affected by breast cancer or domestic violence, or know someone who is.

Women are being encouraged to help raise awareness for these causes. By raising vital funds through the Avon breast cancer crusade to help save women`s lives and by wearing and selling the new Empowerment Necklace & Bracelets to raise money that can help to support women affected by domestic violence.

Above is a photo of the new empowerment necklace which can be purchased by order if you would like one they cost £3 + £2 P&P please email me at


Below a photo of the empowerment bracelet. I have 3 available on eBay user name pottydotty1930 for £1.50 + £1 P&P.

Two women are killed each week by a currant or former partner in the UK. One in four women in the UK will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives . A quarter of your friend`s and family could be suffering at the hands of their partners. Domestic abuse is not only about violence, it also includes emotional abuse, threatening violence, controlling, depriving plus much more. Please check out the domestic abuse page @ There is a wheel of abuse on the page plus many contact web site links to help those in need.

Avon`s campaign supports Refuge @

The national domestic violence helpline is 0808 2000 247 help and advice is available 24 hours a day. No one has to stay in a violent abusive relationship so please get help there is a far better life out there than living in this way for you and your children.

Breast Cancer affects many women through out the UK and beyond. Avon have supported the breast cancer Charity for many years. They launched the breast cancer pink ribbon pin for women to wear to show there support for the breast cancer charities. I myself live with a tumour caused by scare tissue trauma injury that happened a few years ago. Lucky for me my tumour is Benin. Having been thought the tests of the tumour cancer clinics at hospital my heart goes out to the other ladies who are not so lucky as I was.If anyone would like a pink ribbon pin to support the Avon campaign please email me for details.
@@ lesley_powys at
Below are a number of links to web sites for breast cancer suffers.

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